8/2003 - 5/2005: University of Connecticut
Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering

8/2001- 5/2003: University of Connecticut
Master of Art in Educational Technology

9/1995-7/1999: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Bachelor of Science, English for Technology, June 1999

Work Experience
5/2005 - present: UCONN IT Services
Web Application Developer
- Developed a batch-upload module that collects files associated with database feeds and uploads them into a WebCT module in a BEA Weblogic server
- Developed a set of XML querying/conversion/filtering/creation tools for WebCT data processing with connection to UConn's Oracle Database and LDAP services; the package contains a Swing GUI, a reusable service layer and an iBatis persistence layer
- Developing JSF/iBatis (or Hibernate) applications with Oracle Application Server

6/2002 - 5/2005: UCONN School of Engineering, Deanery
Web Application and Animation Developer
- Developed Flash animation for the School of Engineering and affiliated departments/centers web sites. Projects include:

- Developed an online Plan of Study submission application using J2EE and MySQL
- Maintaining and updating the School of Engineering and affiliated departments/centers web sites

9/2001- 5/2002: UCONN School of Education, Deanery
Web Site and Animation Designer
- Planned, designed and built the School of Education web site at www.education.uconn.edu
- Designed the opening Flash animation at www.education.uconn.edu/indexflash.html

9/2001- 5/2003: UCONN Institute of Teaching and Learning
Web Application Developer
- Developed online course page visitor statistic application with Perl
- Developed online course syllabus and help system with Flash animation

1/1999-7/2001: Bertelsmann Online Book Club
Web Site Designer and Application Developer
- Participated in building the web site at www.bbc.com.cn, enhancing the home page with Flash animation which was new in 1999, developing a shopping cart application with ASP, maintaining the Windows NT/IIS server as well as updating the web site.

-Proficient in C++, Java, Flash Actionscript
-Experienced in following J2EE frameworks:
  Presentation Layer: JSF (preferred) or Struts
  Persistence Layer: iBatis or Hibernate

System Administration
-I like setting up, configuring and using Linux/BIND/Apache/Postfix/MySQL (This web site is running on it!)
-Also Experienced in WinNT or 2000/IIS/SQL server (a long, long time ago)

-Proficient in coding HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.
-Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash

-Oracle Certified Associate, Database Administrator (9/2002)
-Microsoft Certified System Engineer (5/2001)
-Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (5/2001)
-Certified Novell Administrator (4/2001)
-Sun Certified Java Programmer (JDK 1.1 Platform)(3/1998)
  (Java 2 Platform)(6/2001)